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My Own First Mother’s Day Being A Single Mom

O ”MY GOD ”as we know that happy mothers day is coming in MAY the memories of my first mother’s day are fleshing out in my mind. I have lost my mother and after 3 days I become a mother actually ”single mother”.

happy mothers day
Happy mothers day

Still, I can feel both pains of losing the beloved mother and become a single mother. Because I had cesarean C-SECTION needed time for moral, mental, and physical recovery.

Struggle Of Being A Single Parent

It is not an easy being a mother to look after her baby along. When I hold my son in my arms the thought came in my mind was how to fulfill his needs as every mother I also wanted to provide him the level best life. The struggle of my journey was started. Because I can’t afford to babysit and also can’t go outside to leave my baby alone at home. All the time I thought what can I do. Without the help of your own blood relations how to be a single mom can be successful. As a working woman, it is really very hard to handle your job and your newborn

mothers day
Mothers day

Single Mom Looking For Help

Solo mum not only seeking financial help but also she needs physical help. As my own experiences, I also needed my blood relations help. Especially when my baby became ill at nights and at that time I had to go to the hospital. That time was so criticized. Thanks to my brother he always helped me financially and physically to carry me to the hospital. Still, I remembered I started breastfeeding not because of awareness of mother feed actually I could not afford formula milk even can’t afford feeders. I had spent my last bank balance on my C- SECTION. 

How To Behave, With  Children Of Single moms,

In that my separation period I realize that society didn’t forgive you. It becomes a stigma for your child as children of single moms. Mostly at nights withholding my son in my lap, I felt the pain of a single parent. When my son started to speak every meal for him is his daddy. So teasing time that was that how can I fill up this filling the blank for my son I really don’t want to do the second marriage to give his stepfather

Best Tips For Single Moms

Very difficult answer because of a lot of difference in theorism and practical life according to my own personal experiences only one thing stands you for the next hectic day is only and only NEVER GIVE UP attitude towards life otherwise there are thousands of reasons for the breakdown. At night should see your little angle’s innocent face with deep of your heart. Every woman doesn’t become a mother; Why GOD choose you for this because you can do this.

 Positive Attitude Towards Single Parent Support

Very important thing positive attitude towards single parent support first of all blood relation come in this way. Without sport of blood relations, it became so much difficult task to handle the baby as a single mother, her parents and siblings have the major responsibility to help her. Then her friends come they should give her their moral support and give her time. In the end, not the least society also has some responsibility towards single mothers. Government financial sport and job facility for single mother very, very admire an able thing.

Happy Single Moms


happy mothers day
Happy mothers day

Love your child aver realized your baby any weakness of your inner self. Behave yourself as a strong mother. Keep yourself happy for the sake of your baby because ”children don’t listen to you they watch you”.strong mother, strong behavior make the confident and brave child, as I did.



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