In this article, we will come to know about different boobs shapes and their sizes. As we know that breasts are the assets of a woman and she really cares about it and fully conscious. Breast shapes and sizes depend on so many different elements. Each woman has her own breast shapes and sizes.

Well, according to the bra company Third Love’s breast shape dictionary woman has 9 different sets of a breast. And all nine shapes of breasts are normal. But identifying your exact shape can find you the best bras for your shape. Don’t waste more time and let’s talk about breast shapes.

breast shape


  1. Asymmetrical Breast Shape 

Asymmetrical Breast Shape

Asymmetrical Boobs Shape Means when one size and shape of the breast is different than the second one. Most of the case asymmetrical breasts are normal in fact one side of the breast creates more tissues rather than the other one. But if a lady feels the change in her breast size shape or nipples she should concern the doctor.in this condition, a woman has to use a pad in brazer to make equal shape and size of her breasts. The best bra style for those with asymmetric breasts is a plunge bra, as it provides support and a natural lift.

Athletic breast shape 

Boobs Shape Athletic

These kinds of breasts are wider, muscular looking but having less tissue. Cup gaping tends to be

a common issue for Athletic shapes due to the lack of volume up top. A wireless bra is perfect for wider boobs — it’ll provide comfort and support like T-SHIRT  style bra, which will help lift your breasts comfortably.

 3    East-west breast shape


If your nipple pointed opposite from each other this shape, call east-west breast shape this is

Quite normal medically. Expert recommends a push-up style brazer to help gather your breast tissue in the front of your body.


4 Relaxed breast shape

Hot and Sexy Boobs

In the relaxed breast shape, your boobs hang downwards. Your boobs have lax tissues. For that kind of boobs, you should

Be wear  T-shirt bra or balconette style to provide a bit of lift up your boobs


5 Bell breast shape

Bell shape breasts are thinner at the top and fuller at the bottom and T-shirt bras are best because boobs need some support which wire of the bra give them for lifted upward.

6 Slender breast shape


7. Side Set breast shape 

Having a wide space between your boob then they are siding set breast shape.   For Side Set breast shapes, experts recommend a front-closure bra to bring your breasts inward, toward the center of your chest.

8 Tear Drop breast shape

9 Round breast shape 

In the last, I like to share round breast shape as it name shows if your breasts equally full at the top and bottom, in almost perfect spheres? You have Round breasts, which work with most styles. round boobs are the type that is fully circular, and equal at the top and bottom of the breasts.you are lucky if you have this shape because you can try many types of the brazers.




Whatever you have boob,s shape because it is gifted by GOD you don,t have any choice what you have so never felt sorrow on those which is from GOD not by choice but you have to be aware the right size of your boobs and in bra size. I hope this article will help you with knowledge about your breast shape.

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