Do Yoga With Me 30 Day Challenge

The first step towards your self-confidence

One of the most fruitful moments I have had in that regard was when about two years ago, I started doing meditation for a thousand days. It was summer, and I had been told recently at the international festival of Kundalini Yoga that I needed to do Kirtan Kriya.  

This is one of the most potent meditations of this lineage, which serves to cleanse the unconscious to full. I started in the summer, and I did it at my own pace. I didn’t finish the 1000 days, but I made half, about a year and a half.

It may not be the same for you, that you are not able to do so much time, but if you only manage to do 40 days, it is enough. You will be giving a powerful message to your unconscious.

To exemplify this, the best way is to understand that making a commitment to the same and fulfilling it is the first step to begin to trust you genuinely. Because you create a block of concrete and real precedent that you have set out to do something and have accomplished it, you have kept your word.

Imagine what would happen if you could fully trust yourself. That if you say you will do something, no way does not occur. May your determination and self-confidence be so powerful that you begin to feel that your best ally is yourself.

“Become the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi.

The best way to consolidate a habit is to do it for 30 days» Yoga is healthy for your body and your mind. In one class, all the muscles, organs, and systems of the human body are worked, as well as mental aspects such as concentration, peace, and anxiety relief. Thirty days followed by the best exercise in the world, they will be able to give you the medium-term benefits that are obtained by performing asanas (yoga postures) with discipline. A 30-day challenge will get you to the limit of your body and your mind.  You will experience all kinds of emotions to achieve the goal, incorporate a habit like Yoga, or give a change to your life, obtaining perspective and determination to make the changes you need. Doing 30 days of Yoga will improve in every sense of your life on a physical and mental level. Among other things, at the end of the 30-day challenge, you will have done the following:

  1. Joint Strengthening
  2.  Back pain relief
  3.  Insomnia Relief
  4.  Increase concentration, balance, balance
  5.  Increased muscle strength
  6.  Improvement of joints and joints of the body
  7.  Increased flexibility throughout the body

Encourage yourself to perform this challenge and see how Yoga transforms people’s lives in an incredibly positive way.

A challenge is a challenge for those who intend to do it, the problem in the “Bikram Yoga Challenge” is to do 30 or 60 consecutive yoga classes in the torture room, to make your practice a habit, since that habits are only consolidated with a constant practice over time. The most profound challenge is just that, to make a continuous effort through time.

But you can achieve what you want if you think you can do it; arm yourself with confidence, create a strategic plan to take your daily class.

Now let me tell you that every decision brings a responsibility hand in hand, if you decided to take on the Bikram Challenge, you are responsible for the care of your body in each of the classes, what you are accomplishing following in dialogue word for word, no matter how tired you are, you are responsible for your hydration, your food and your rest.

In time you will discover that the challenge, not only left you the habit of Yoga but brought other new practices into your life; Maybe, organize your day to day based on your priorities, wake up or fall asleep early, give more importance to the rest of your body, eat more healthily and have better hydration.

Enjoy this challenge!

More than fifty years ago, my guru Bishnu Ghosh said that “Mental stress and tension are the causes of all diseases, including infectious diseases.” Why? Because stress affects the immune system, your defense.

Recently, Western medicine has approached the wisdom of my guru and has confirmed, among other things, the destructive role of cortisol, a stress hormone in chronic diseases. (Cortisol also contributes to obesity, of which I will talk about more serious illnesses, all are related to stress and lifestyles, such as a poor diet.

What is stress?

Medicine would answer that it is “a non-specific answer to any question, external or internal.” Acute stress is caused by short-term events, such as the queue to take a taxi or a work meeting.

Chronic stress can arise from taking care of an incurable sick relative, or a job of high tension. In both types of weight, the body enters an emergency, the so-called “fight and flight reflex,” and our bodies secrete chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol to help us cope with or respond to stressors.

An adrenaline rush, for example, can help us escape more quickly from danger (the fight and flight reflex also increases the rhythm of the heart and breathing, diverts blood from its normal functions, such as digestion,

Over time and with repeated emergencies, or events and conditions that we perceive as stressful, the body is overloaded due to the constant discharge of these hormones and their acidic and corrosive effects.

We are exhausted, and the immune, endocrine, and nervous systems cannot function properly, which causes high blood pressure, sleep disorders, chronic headache, neck strain, back pain, depression, and anxiety.

Through the natural science of Yoga, we intervene in the central heating system of the body, calm and reintegrate the mind, body, and emotions. Bikram Yoga breathing postures and exercises allow us to regain control and eliminate the fight and flight reflex and its harmful biochemical flow.

What follows is a part of the recent clinical confirmation on this subject by Western scientists, which demonstrates how Bikram yoga restores balance to the body.

In 2005, a German study compared, for three months, some groups of extremely distressed women. Those who practiced yoga had a lower cortisol level than the others, and their level of stress, anxiety, fatigue, and depression had decreased significantly.

They showed tranquility, and also a physical improvement; Women who suffered from headaches or backaches experienced significant relief. Countless studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Yoga in stress management.

You do not need an anxiolytic medication with potential side effects. Instead, get up from that sofa and heal yourself with the practice of Bikram yoga.

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