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Reasons for huge boob

A woman is a very dedicated, attractive, productive creature of GOD. So appealing for a man if she is in proper shape. BREASTS are one of the most sensational curves of her body. Extremely large boobs and extremely small boobs are an objectionable thing. Today we are talking about the reasons for the HUGE BOOBS

big boobs

There are a lot of reasons for having big breast.

 1 During a menstrual cycle

During the monthly periods level of progesterone and estrogen increase in a female body and it became the cause of increment in boobs. It does not only increase the size of the breast, but also give them shape. So there is the chance to increase your brazer size just before your monthly periods.

2 Weight gain 

This is a very common reason when you put on some weight it enlarges your breast size. As we know there is no bone in breasts it is flash piece full of fat, so increasing fat in your body come in result of big breast.

3 During Pregnancy 

During pregnancy, the body goes to different harmonic and biological changing. Blood circulation, an increase which becomes the cause of enlargement in boobs It is quite natural phenomena. GOD is preparing food (milk) for an upcoming child wise female gland started to work for the baby feed. The bloodstream into our breast tissues tend to increase during pregnancy and this makes breasts bigger.

4 Intercourse activities 

Sexual foreplay, intercourse these kinds of activities became the reason enlargement in boobs because in erotic position in intercourse create extreme blood circulation in the female body. Man touch increases the volition of Harmon in the female body. These factors become increment in boobs. 

5 during puberty 

During the puberty period, many changes come into the girl body, breast enlargement is one of them. It also depends on your genetic which size of bra you will wear.

6 Gigantomastia Problem gigantomastia

Is a rare condition during suffering this a massive growth of breast of the female.

big boob
big boos


Only a few hundred cases are reported in medical history. In gigantomastia women cup size grows in a couple of days. The exact reason of Gigantomastia don’t come, but it becomes a cause of relevant medicines.






Breastfeeding is one of the major reasons for huge boobs

During breastfeeding brazer size differently, increase. And it is natural.No need to worry about it. But wear the right size of bra reduces the chance of saggy breast. So be conscious about choosing the cup of your breast.

Woman’s breasts, also considered as a sign of her sexuality.it makes her proud if in the proper size and shape. Too much huge boobs have become an embarrassment for female. She starts to face a lot of troubles in her body also in society. Her matrimonial life becomes horrible. Her physical condition does not allow her to be ego freely outside.to perform routine work duties become a challenge for her. If someone feels regulation in her boobs she should have to visit the doctor as soon as possible.



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